You had me at free parking

My company sponsored a scholarship at Western Washington University. (For not-at-all altruistic reasons: you apply for it by showing up at a meeting where we get to introduce our company and internship opportunities. We want first pick of the best students!)

I got a thank you letter from the university, which didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was that it included an all-campus parking pass.

This pass has little cash value. It’s not transferrable, and not good for events. I’m on campus just a few times a year (an advisory board, visiting a class, etc.) and there is always a free day-permit reserved for me at the visitor’s center. I don’t need this pass.

But I love it. Parking is always a mess at universities, and I’ve got a golden ticket. I can drive from my office right to the building I’m visiting.

This pass costs the university nothing. But it’s the free prize inside. And I’m embarrassed by what a difference it makes in my attitude towards visiting and contributing to the school.

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  1. Gods Blessings and Will for Bellingham Washington Now and 4~ever!”
    Hi Bob,
    Just a few comments on your web home page.
    I had many folks tell me to check you guys out. I thought I would. But I have to say your home page is a little monochromatic.
    After clicking the “Demo” icon things began to improve.
    I think you need to punch up the first page just a bit. First impression are in fact just that. You don’t want to lose potential customers because they take the time to look you up and find dust where they were hoping for light!
    Becca Miller

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