Without objection

“Without objection, I will ship the alpha Tuesday at 10 am.”
“Without objection, this ad will go live on the front page at end of workday.”

The most powerful phrase for shipping a product, a web page, or an idea is “without objection”.
We are all drowning in email. But there’s no escape; sometimes there are a lot of people in the loop. So email discussions circulate, picking up longer and longer CC lists.
If you are pretty sure the project is ready to ship… if you’re sending this so everyone knows… if you just want to make sure there’s no typos… then don’t ask for a reply.
Show initiative and tell everyone what will happen, and when, if you don’t hear back. Then, assuming things are fine, people can review and delete your email without creating more. And you’ll look like an action-oriented-shipper-of-things.
Add a deadline, so people know how soon they need to reply if they do object. It also helps to put this warning at the very start or very end of the email, so it stands out.

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