Visual Syntactic Text Formatting

Years ago I saw some framed Bible verses made with scraps of paper and wire in a way that emphasized the structure of the text and specific words. (Gift products distributed by Zondervan — but I’ve forgotten the name.) It got me thinking about how text might be arranged on screen to enhance reading, and I did a little research on the subject. But I never figured out how to use that in Logos, or if it would be worth the trouble.
Today I found a link to Live Ink, which got me thinking about it again. Logos Bible Software users do a lot of on screen reading; would this help?

4 replies on “Visual Syntactic Text Formatting”

  1. I believe this would help! So long as I could paste the text in the standard format. It might also make it a tad more difficult to dscern exactly when the genre changes from narrative to, for example, narrative to poetry.

  2. I agree with Matt B. I think it would be distracting when reading the bible but would be helpful (maybe, I would want to see more) reading commentaries, and other text from Logos. IT might be fun to try it out with a few books.

  3. This would be a GREAT feature for users of Logos – it makes reading texts – long pieces of continuous text – so much more relaxing to the eye not to mention it increases the speed at which you read amazingly.

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