The ultimate unboxing experience

samsung-omni-unboxing-red-button Here at Logos we’ve been talking about packing recently, as we prepare to release the Mac version of our software.

We’ve been shipping DVD’s in simple boxes, and sometimes even paper sleeves, but we understand that Mac users are accustomed to a little more elegant presentation.

That’s why I’m glad I found this idea for a great unboxing experience at Engadget.

5 replies on “The ultimate unboxing experience”

  1. I think a white box about the size of an iLife box would provide suitable packaging for Logos: mac. On the front side, make it look very similar to the Logos Bible Software 3 packaging, substituting Logos Bible Software 3 for Logos Bible Software: mac. On the back, provide a screen shot of Logos & add a little info about “Enter passage. Click GO!”. That way the box would easily fit next to other genuine Apple software & look great. Some users may think they’re purchasing iBible from Apple. 🙂
    The key is, instead of the huge boxes that the competition uses, keeping it simple in a small white box that looks like something Apple would put out will probably catch the eye a lot more.

  2. We have got to show that at our conferences…Can we paste a Logos image over the Omni sign? Sean? Get on it…that’s totally SWEET! 🙂

  3. I always feel like I spent too much for something when it comes in fancy packaging. I always think, geez I could have save 5 bucks if they would have just put it in a brown box.

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