Seeing Kindles in the wild…

I keep meaning to write a detailed review of the Amazon Kindle, but I’m too busy reading.

I’ll just say that this past week I walked onto a plane, reading my Kindle, and had to interrupt a guy reading his Kindle so I could get to mine.

We compared notes and found that, aside from the "I keep turning pages accidentally when I pick it up" problem, we’re both loving it and reading more.

I’ve had almost every e-book reader ever made (side effect of working in electronic publishing) and the Kindle is the first one I’ve read more than two books on. I’m near a dozen and going strong.

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2 replies on “Seeing Kindles in the wild…”

  1. So, any insight into the likelihood that my Libronix books will one day be readable on a kindle???
    A devoted Libronix nut, who is holding off on the kindle until he knows 🙂

  2. I love my Kindle and use it daily. I actually find myself preferring to read on the Kindle rather than paper, now if only we can transfer Libronix books to it. Any hope of this Bob?

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