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I’m back from the Tools of Change for Publishing conference. This was the best year yet! I met a lot of people, saw many old friends, and got caught up in the excitement of the next phase of publishing.

I am thrilled about the direction we’re going at Logos, and to see so many publishers getting ready to make the changes necessary to succeed on digital platforms.

It was all exciting the first time, too, in the late 1990’s. I enjoyed talking this week with fellow attendees of the ACM Conference on Digital Libraries ‘98 and the early NIST e-Book conferences. E-books: an overnight success decades in the making! And it’s funny how many of the products in the exhibit area look exactly like ones we saw back then; only this time the prototypes are shipping. Now it all feels “real.”

The slides for my session Network Effects Support Premium Pricing are online at the session page. (These slides have the outline I spoke from. I didn’t show it during the session because I hate reading bullet points off slides, and didn’t have the time to do all the art.)

It looks like the Ignite presentation (20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds – stressful!) isn’t online yet, but you can read about how Sean Boisen stumbled upon it on his blog.

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  1. Bob, you made a big impression on me at TOC. In your talk at the IGNITE session, I was proud to learn about LOGOS and the high level of technological excellence LOGOS has achieved. Your company disproves the theory that Christians and their work is irrelevant in today’s culture.

  2. I will like to comment on the Logos 4 Home Page. What you said at launch was to give Logos 4 a Newspapers feel. This is a great idea. However,I am yet to see this, especially during times such as Christmas, Easter, Jewish Feasts, etc. The Homepage, in my opinion, should carry articles and messages on these occasions. A bit of interaction could even put more pep.
    Right now, its more like advertising business pages.

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