Netflix delighted me

Dear Bob,

Movie Name was not available from your local shipping center. Fortunately, it was available from a shipping center in another part of the country. It’s on its way and should arrive within 3 to 5 days.

You’ll notice we also recently sent the next available DVD from your Queue to enjoy while Movie Name makes its way to you.

Your Queue now shows this extra DVD rental. Enjoy.

-The Netflix Team

Unnecessary, unexpected, and delightful. This is great customer service.

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3 replies on “Netflix delighted me”

  1. Agree, Bob. Netflix customer service is reflected in its surging sales. I’ve had the same happened, and actually never seen them fail in service in several years of membership.

  2. Yes – but it starred that well know ensemble acting troupe, ‘Cast & Crew’ and was scored by the brilliant ‘Various Artists’.

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