Living your product

LongabergerBasketOffice I love this photo of the Longaberger Company home office.

It looks difficult to expand, and like it might suffer in the office building resale market, but it shows commitment and confidence in the future.

Back in 1992 I visited Microsoft’s offices outside Paris. The office building had a really strange shape and some unusual wall angles. From the air it looked like the butterfly that adorned the Microsoft France logo.

It seemed to me at the time like a ridiculous extravagance (though it was apparently in line with an airport runway), and now it’s no longer visible from satellite photos.

But in the age of Google Maps and Live Maps, maybe we should all be looking at our roof and building outline as marketing space.

One reply on “Living your product”

  1. I really think this kind of “marketing” is dangerous. Often times, these large-scale decorations look just cheesy. So instead of thinking “Wow! It’s that guy who works at that prestigious office building downtown” they think “Wow! It’s that loser who works in a Tide bottle”.
    Soiling business reputations by over plasticizing.

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