I want a camera built into my car

I want a camera built into my car. I want it right in front of the rear-view mirror, capturing the same wide view I’m seeing through the windshield.
I want it to record on a continuous loop. If I press the steering-wheel mounted trigger, I want it to store 10 seconds before and after that moment so that I can choose the perfect still, or capture something I just saw.
I want to offload images via WiFi or Bluetooth or the SD slots or USB ports new cars already have for music import.
Another obvious feature would be to store video immediately before an accident, though I imagine this kind of “black-box” recording (and the likelihood of it being subpoenaed in an accident or crime investigation) would be a concern to some people.
There appear to be plenty options as after-market accessories, but I don’t want wires and suction cups. I just want it built in and working ‘automagically.’

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I am not sure that this is the “right” way to contact you but we met about twenty years ago at a seminar you gave for on the Logos system Koorong Books in Melbourne Australia.
    I was already using Logos software and I enjoyed its simplicity I have upgraded each time a new version came out but I have to say that as I have now retired from fulltime pastoral ministry I am not sure that I should use some of our now limited income to buy this latest version.
    I not only do I need to be convinced but my wife (and financial controller) needs to be convinced.
    What are the benefits of this new version that would make it worth the investment for me?
    May the Lord continue to bless you,
    Keith Rowe

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