Glimpsing the future

Today I saw a glimpse of the future. Today I was able to run queries against Scholar’s Library using our next generation search engine.
The new engine isn’t done, and it’s just one of many, many pieces we need to put together. But I saw enough to show me that our new ideas are going to work, and that they are going to deliver some very cool new functionality. (Think smart, fast, and across your entire digital library. And then think fast again.)
I always have a lot of confidence in the plans we make during design meetings. We start working on new ideas because we’re sure they’ll work. But it’s still a special moment when they actually do.

One reply on “Glimpsing the future”

  1. Drooling for more of the future with Logos.
    NOTE: I say this with true anticipation as I used your product through a friend of mine (1993-1995) before my surprised me with a special Valentine’s gift of Good o’ Volume 4 in 1996. Soon after I become a reseller for a couple years. Barring a temporary hiccup during Libronix’s early days I have been enjoying the Bible Study Ride ever since (especially Alpha/Beta testing 3.0).
    P.S. – And, for good measure, I just went Gold (Scholar’s Gold that is)!

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