Everyone can read your private email

image Someday.

All your email will eventually be online in an easily searched database. Just ask JB at Enron, who at 7:42 pm on April 6, 2001 asked CG to “serve me lunch in bed and sing me a lala bye before I start the night shift.”

How do I know? I searched the Enron Explorer for “lunch”.

Every new employee at Logos Bible Software goes through an email training class that covers style, etiquette, and the fact that your business email isn’t private. You can preview it online and download it for adapting to your organization. (There are notes for the presenter on most of the slides.)

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One reply on “Everyone can read your private email”

  1. Nice presentation!
    So when my friend emails me and says “I’m going now because I have to go to the bathroom”, one day that will end up on the “Secret Emails of Mallard’s CEO” website? My how our world has become. I believe it.
    Thanks for letting us know about this!

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