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  1. in your book, but I recently took a Christian value based perstnalioy test and found out that my strongest part is my Dreamer area. I have always been creative with poetry and other writing. I have recently changed careers from being an accountant to being a business analyst for a software development company in Montgomery, Alabama. During the last few years I have moved from one company to the next trying to find my place in life. Or should I say, God actually moved me from one company to another, since I was downsized from a couple of the positions. I found out by reading your book that we have several things in common. June 16 is a special day for both of us. I was born on June 16, 1972. Also during most of my life I have been shy and afraid to get involved with other people at a very deep level. I came from a Christian home, where we went to church and I attended and graduated from a Christian private school. But during my early twenties my parents divorced after twenty something years of marriage. This really affected me deeper than I thought at the time. I wanted to thank you for the end of the book. I have gotten my focus off of God and more on things the last few years. I have recently started to attend a men’s group on Friday morning before work, with a friend of mine. He is the same friend who called me and offered me the job opportunity as a business analyst. I will pray that God continues to help you focus on Him. Please pray for me that I would be able to focus on God and find the place where he wants me to be. Also pray that God will give me someone to be a mentor in my life.Maybe one day God will give me a chance to meet you and talk more about our lives and focusing on God.Sincerely,Matthew K. Olson

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