Don’t hire to fill the position

When you need to fill a position, it is tempting to take the first applicant who can do the job.

Don’t do it!

It takes time to integrate a new employee, and for the employee to learn the corporate culture, procedures, and why we always take a little extra time with this one particular customer. It takes you time to learn if they are diligent, punctual, trustworthy, and a regular source of insight.

There will come a day when you need to fill a position with more responsibility. And it’s great to have someone who knows your organization ready and is chomping-at-the-bit to step up to that important job.

Every job in your organization is a trainee position. You’re already investing in teaching employees the one thing you can’t hire outside: your people, products, procedures and culture. Why not leverage that investment for the future?

There is a downside: you may hire someone with an eye to the future and lose them to another opportunity before you can use all their growing talents. But graduating some great people from your organization is a small price to pay for having a deep bench when you need it.

Are you a star player? Are you looking for a growing company where you’ll have lots of opportunities? We’re hiring.

2 replies on “Don’t hire to fill the position”

  1. Great thoughts Bob. I’m not entirely sure why other business owners don’t grasp this. I worked in a place where the turnover rate was about 11% per year.
    We kept hiring new employees and then when it came time to give more responsibility it seemed most couldn’t keep up or “cope” with it.
    More businesses need the “Slow to hire, quick to fire” mentality.

  2. Excellent business perspective, another reason I would love to work for your organization. I actually just put my resume in yesterday for a developer position and recently graduated with my degree. I am hoping one of your hiring managers will see something promising in my resume and objective.
    In your blogs I noticed you mentioned you wanted big ideas from users. One thing I thought would be great to eventually develop is an entire Christian information system. Essentially a net book and phone all in one (similar to the I-phone) that accesses all Christian resources, which ties into a mobile LOGOS application as a focal point. It would be great to have a service and device that filters all the “garbage” and provides the Christian church with only meaningful information that helps us grow in our relationship with Christ on a daily basis. I would love to lead a project like this…hint…hint…lol.

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