BibleTech 2008

I love conferences! Not just for what I learn from the speakers, but for the ideas I have about other things while I am listening to the speakers, and for the conversations I have with people at meals and in the halls between the sessions.
I go to conferences on publishing, Biblical scholarship, and technology, and I get something out of all of them. How much more would I get out of a conference that touched on all these subjects, and on how they intersect and relate?
I want to find out! So Logos is going to host BibleTech 2008 in January, where we will explore the intersection of the Bible and technology.
We have already received tentative commitments from a great list of speakers, and there is still room for you to suggest your own presentation.
Is this just about Logos Bible Software? No! It’s for everyone interested in the Bible and technology – commercial, open source, academic, hobbyist, etc. — and I am looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with an incredibly diverse group.
I’ll see you in Seattle!
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