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5 Things to Say to Advance Your Career Right Now

Your career is about relationships: with your boss, your coworkers, and with the people you serve in your work.
And relationships are driven by words, the most important of which are delivered in specific phrases that are like magic incantations, with the power to change lives.
Just as “I love you” and “I do” have near-electric power in personal relationships, phrases like “You’re hired” and “I quit” can start and end careers. But there are also formulaic phrases with the power to advance your career by improving your work relationships.

Publishing Perspective

Tablet to Tablet: What hasn’t changed in Publishing—and should

Some things never change: A hand-held tablet is a pretty convenient form for reading. An epic story is timeless in its appeal. But the process of getting the words to the tablet in the reader’s hand — and what can happen once they are there — is undergoing the most significant change in millennia.
The words in the book can now be delivered independent of any physical object, and they can be endlessly copied at no cost. We’re still sorting through the implications—and the opportunities.


Is It Time to Throw Out Your Employee Handbook? A New Look at PTO & Policies

I work hard and am very productive. I like to hire and work with similar people. I hire people to create our products, serve our customers, and represent our company. Why wasn’t I trusting them to manage themselves and their work practices too?
So we threw out our employee handbook.
We abolished time-tracking, accruals for paid-time-off, and every rule other than ‘No smoking.’ We replaced our long, detailed handbook with a set of values we aspire to, principles that guide our behavior, and stories we tell about how we have lived out our values in the past.

Digital Book World

Why Digital Platform Solutions Are Needed in Academic Publishing

Platform solutions offer a way to address the special needs of a specific knowledge domain, and they make it easier to bundle content and achieve higher value transactions. Platforms are also better suited to unique content that might not work in EPUB format. Selling unique content as part of a platform-based bundle can help avoid commodification and elevate content above consumer expectations for EPUB price points.
For academic users, platform solutions deliver convenience, overall cost savings and higher utility. Professors and institutions can standardize on high-quality digital content libraries with a single recommendation (or institutional purchase), and professors know that students will have access to a large library of content without worrying that any student chose to skip buying a specific recommended resource. Students get everything they need through one portal without having to make, or weigh the value of, individual purchases.

The Grindstone

8 Secrets to Landing the Job You Want

Relevant work distinguishes you. Show what you can do by having done it, and send examples of your work (or links to examples) along with your resume — or instead of it. Applying for a job as a writer? Send writing samples and links to work online. Want to be a welder? Bring photos of your work. Executive assistant? Show me the itinerary for your last vacation or photos of the birthday party you planned. Software developer? Let me download your app. Whatever the position, there is something you’ve done or can do to show you have the necessary skills, and that demonstration is far more powerful than any diploma or certificate.
Hiring managers desperately want to hire you. Nobody wants to read a hundred resumes or interview a dozen candidates they won’t hire. It’s boring and unproductive. Hiring managers want to fill positions and get back to their other work. And if you know the job you want and will excel at, then you are the person they desperately want to hire. You just need to help them see that quickly.

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