Nacho perfection

Nachos are the perfect food. Prepare them perfectly:

Line the tray. Scraping melted cheese off a dish or tray is no way to end an evening. Line your tray with heavy duty aluminum foil.

Thin chips. The heavy-gut-guilt of a bad tray of nachos comes from thick corn chips. Remember, we’re not here for the corn. It’s just a light, crunchy base for cheese.

2 year-old cheddar. Medium, sharp, or extra sharp? No. Buy cheddar graded 2 years, 3 years, or ‘weaponized.’

Pro-tip: Grate cheddar onto a paper towel or, better yet, pre-sliced wax paper. Easy to dump on the chips, easy to clean up.

Chili con limon. Or “chile lime seasoning.” This is the secret; shake it liberally over the cheese and chips.

Jalepenos. Lots of them.

Broil. Don’t let me hear that you are microwaving nachos…



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