Everything I want to say has already been said

I want to blog more, but whenever I think of something to write I do a web search and find someone else has already written it. For example, this article addresses the same point.

Is anyone reading the 937th review of that movie? Nope. But the 938th guy just wants to rant or rave.

It’s the detailed, thoughtful post you want to write but someone-already-did-three-months-ago that’s frustrating. And once I find it, I lose enthusiasm for writing my own take.

I need to have more original thoughts. Or resign myself to twittering links.


5 thoughts on “Everything I want to say has already been said”

  1. That’s already been said on a hundred blogs.
    Seriously though, Scott Winter is right. Blogs are most effective when they play to the strengths and personality of their owners. I may be able to read 100 articles on e-readers, but your experience and company give you a unique perspective I would want to read.

  2. I thought I had a great original idea…nope, already been done!
    The idea was that too many ministers focus on leading a church instead of following Christ. Books, blogs, classes, conferences and even degrees are there to develop leadership, but I can’t find much of “followship”, specifically the followship of Christ. I even thought, “I have never heard the word ‘followship’, maybe I can coin it”. NOPE.
    Already been thought, which turned about to be a good thing because I am still thinking everything through but learned about others’ already processed thoughts.
    I guess I should be content to stand on the shoulders of giants.
    all about Christ,

  3. Yes, that’s why I decided not to pursue a PhD. I’d figured never be able to find a topic that hadn’t been done before.
    As for personal writing, though, yes it’s probably been said before, but the people who read your blog might not have encountered those 937 other writers who have said it before, so your idea might be a new one to them. It’s still worth saying. I can tell you I’ve been inspired by many of the things you’ve written, and have learned new things from you.
    Besides, I believe it’s worth writing even if nobody ever reads what you write, because it’s a way of formulating and polishing your ideas for yourself. And you’ve always got that Audience of One, regardless…

  4. Hey, Bob,
    Is there any chance that you’ll be reconsidering your decision to solely develop Logos on the iPhone platform? The Blackberry platform is the most established and popular in North America and continues to outsell the iPhone despite the media’s best efforts to convince the world otherwise. But I’d assume you already know that.
    Blackberry users are feeling slighted that we’re being offered the ‘scraps of the table’ with library.logos.com — a web site will never be as good as a native application, and is nothing more than a tech. demo at this stage.
    Users have embraced Logos for being innovative and thoughtful about its products, so why would your company suddenly become so adament to close the door on anyone who either a) doesn’t want AT&T wireless service, b) wants a real keyboard on their device, or c) simply chooses to be “mainstream” by picking the smartphone with the largest install base in North America.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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