Joining the dark side

main_overview20080609[1]I wanted a really cool Windows Mobile phone. I was hoping the HTC Touch Diamond or Sony Xperia could make it respectable, but I don’t see any sign they’ll be available to me soon.

I thought Google’s Android might be a good excuse to avoid joining the iPhone cult (though I worry that Google may yet become the world’s scariest corporation). But it’s nowhere on the horizon either.

I can’t go on waiting. I got my iPhone today.

I already miss right-clicking to modify a setting directly, and I’m disappointed that the Exchange integration and Bluetooth contacts support are a bit weak.

But it’s just wonderful.


3 thoughts on “Joining the dark side”

  1. Congrats on getting your new iPhone! You’ll really love it. I’m getting one as soon as they get a 32GB model out. That’s really the only thing that’s holding me back.
    You haven’t joined the dark side. You’ve actually joined the bright side!
    By the way, stay away from Sony phones. If they’re anything like their PC counterparts, you’ll have nothing but trouble. From now on I’m just going with iPhones. Better quality phone for the same data plan cost.

  2. I just upgraded to the 3G and I’ve been saddened that the “lightning fast internet speeds” are basically the same speed as my old iPhone. But, the GPS side of things is awesome! I used it yesterday and was blown away by the realization that I would never need to plan again.

  3. -Logos Bible App on iPhone?
    -Notes Sync from iPhone back to Logos?
    Make it so Bob, pretty please, with a cherry on top!
    A faithful Logos customer (since first version) and a faithful iPhone user

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