Get your meat and potatoes…

Do you like those highly charismatic speakers who challenge the audience with outrageous statements and wild predictions of a radically different future?

Yep, me too. That’s why I attend their keynotes. Those sweet, fluffy desserts for the mind often inspire me to think outside the box.

I wish I could convince people it’s the end of the world as they know it. Until then, though, I try to deliver the meat and potatoes: ideas you can steal; reports on what did and didn’t work; things you can put to use today, inside your box; ways to make money without having to wait for a demographic tidal wave to wipe out the existing industry.

BusinessOfSoftware I’ll be serving it up on the topic of Business truths and the lies we tell ourselves at the Business of Software 2008, September 3-4 in Boston, Massachusetts. This is my first pecha kucha presentation, and I’m really looking forward to it. (I’ve got 20 seconds each for 20 slides, automatically projected. Seems like a good reason to rehearse.)

socialMedia_logoThe following week, September 10-11, I’ll be addressing Business models that guarantee profitability in publishing at the Social Media Conference NW, right here in Bellingham, Washington.

While both of these conferences have a great list of topics and speakers, the best part is always the people you meet. So join me, and come introduce yourself!


One thought on “Get your meat and potatoes…”

  1. Bob,
    Profit and publishing hardly seem to go hand in hand at least according to the naysayers. We’ll see you in Bellingham.

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