One-click purchasing will be the death of me

I’m really interested in visual navigation tools, so people send me links to things like Musicovery. It took about 30 seconds for me to find something I liked, and seconds later a copy of The Golden Gate Quartet Collection was on its way to me.

I think that is the fastest "browse to discovery to purchase" trail I’ve ever completed, and it’s a testimony not only to how Amazon’s one-click feeds my addiction to instant gratification, but the power of going "straight to the meat."

I used to design user interface that was too respectful of the user. I didn’t want to make assumptions, so my tools waited till you told them what you wanted. But I’m finding that interfaces that "serve the meat" immediately are more useful and effective. Musicovery is cool, and I browsed it for a few minutes before the novelty wore off. But I don’t know if I’d have purchased (or realized how much I like the Golden Gate Quartet) if it hadn’t started playing the samples immediately, without asking, and put the purchase link right there. (And of course, I wouldn’t have ordered if Amazon didn’t reduce that to just a "Yes!" button.)

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