Evil / genius

Wired Magazine gets their arms around the love/hate admiration/disgust many of us feel about Apple’s business processes. I was a 128k Mac owner and went to one of the first "everybody buys a Mac" universities. But I got fed up with the Mac ecosystem and the frustrations of developing for it, and went all PC, even working on the Windows development team at Microsoft. And now I spend every-single-day being annoyed by my Windows Mobile phone, longing for an iPhone, but resisting it because it’s locked to one carrier, doesn’t (yet) support Exchange, doesn’t have 3G, is a locked-down OS, etc.

And still knowing that it’s all that command-and-control lock-down that makes it so elegant, as opposed to the messy UI and eclectic app collection found in each Windows Mobile device.

Love / hate, open / closed, command / empower, evil / genius… it’s a messy world.


2 thoughts on “Evil / genius”

  1. I feel your frustration. After 20 years as a PC user I made the switch to the Mac world a month ago. It was mounting frustration with Windows programs and apps that led to my decision. I still have my Windows XP laptop, but with Logos now in Beta I will likely use it less and less.
    BTW, Logos for Mac is beautiful, but it crashes every time I do a passage guide search.

  2. I, too, was in the same boat. I switched five months ago and am so thankful. Does this mean you won’t hire me to develop an iPhone app that interfaces with Logos? 🙁 I’ve been thinking about this ever since the App store was announced in March.
    If you change your mind about iPhones, let me know! I’d love to work for Logos in this capacity!

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