I love my nixie clock

blog image textIt was love at first site when I saw the nixie tubes on Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ blog. I ordered a clock immediately.

I still need to find the perfect place in the office to show off its warm glow and cross-fading numerals to everyone; until then I’ll just have to keep it here on my desk, hypnotizing me…


4 thoughts on “I love my nixie clock”

  1. That is a very very very cool clock. It is a bit out of my budget, after all, shouldn’t I be spending all my extra cash on PrePubs? So in a round about way I guess I did buy a clock, it’s just sitting in your office. Maybe I will come visit it soon!!!

  2. For the $415 you paid for this one clock you could have sent two XO laptops to 3rd world children.
    As a user of Logos software I find it telling that one of it’s biggest proponents would spend his money in such a way. I know it’s none of my business how you spend your money, but hey when you throw out your spending habits to the world I guess you put yourself in a position of accountability.
    How do you rationalize this kind of spending?

  3. I’m not sure how to rationalize it. Should I apologize and publish all my expenditures here for moral review? Should I make a defense on the grounds that I don’t spend on many frivolous things that others (possibly you!) do spend on? Should I muddle the issue by asking why $415 should go first to a non-life-essential laptop computer for third-world children instead of more directly useful food or medicine?
    I’m not upset at the question, and it’s very thought provoking. Resource allocation by Christians is a two-thousand year old discussion, both corporately and within ourselves. I don’t have the answer, and it’s always good to be challenged to examine our hearts and motives. Thanks.
    I think it’s inspiring for our staff to see (and even to be surrounded by) work at the intersection of art, technology, and the Bible. That’s why I put beautiful, 100 year-old hand-colored Bible maps up around the office (art+Bible+cartographic technology), why we purchase and play with all the latest ebook devices (Bible+technology), and why I had our product design team study the iPhone (art+technology).
    I found the clock to be a particularly interesting (and to me, inspiring) marriage of art and technology.
    You’ll be happy to know (I was!) that some inspiration is cheaper, though: I bought the Bible maps for $6 and we framed them with cheap frame sets from Costco. Better yet, we digitized them first, so you can download them for free:

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