Streaming video needs fast forward

I think Microsoft’s Silverlight is pretty cool, and I’m glad we’ll have a way to leverage XAML/WPF/C# for rich UI on the web.

But the trend towards Flash and Silverlight video players is killing my favorite feature: “Play Speed > Fast”

Being able to watch one-hour technical talks at 1.4x speed is real value-add. The presenters may be brilliant,but they are rarely concise speakers. And when they start coding a sample live…it’s a lot like watching grass grow. Or watching someone type.
Ctrl+Shift+G (in Windows Media Player) and we’re in hyperdrive. Everybody sounds smarter, and I get change from my hour investment.

Channel 9, Google Tech Talks, every conference session video… don’t leave me in real-time! Please don’t go to Flash or Silverlight without fast playback.


2 thoughts on “Streaming video needs fast forward”

  1. Do you really think that Silverlight will be around in year. With Flash installed in something like 95% of computers it seems like a useless program. One that Microsoft is trying to compete with by using the same ideas behind Flash.

  2. Platforms need to get the basics right

    Everybody is building a platform these days. Software isn’t delivered on top of an operating system anymore, it’s delivered on top of a platform that does what the OS used to (and, to be fair, usually a lot more). So…

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