“It’s a small town, after all…”

Yesterday I read Thomas Friedman’s column “The Whole World is Watching.”

“Three years ago, I was catching a plane at Boston’s Logan airport and went to buy some magazines for the flight. As I approached the cash register, a woman coming from another direction got there just behind me – I thought. But when I put my money down to pay, the woman said in a very loud voice: ‘Excuse me, I was here first!’ And then she fixed me with a piercing stare that said: ‘I know who you are.’ I said I was very sorry, but I was clearly there first. … If that happened today, I would have had a very different reaction. … We’re all public figures now.”

Watch out, the whole world’s watching / blogging / snapping-cam-phone-pics / googling-your-stupid-college-days. The whole world is a small town with a permanent electronic memory. Interesting, but not particularly relevant to me, right? I’m no celebrity, and Bellingham’s not a small town (pop. ~80,000).

That night I was stopped at a red light and heard someone shout my name. It was a high-school kid I didn’t recognize. (I’d spoken to his class, he told me.)

An hour later I was on my way home and stopped at another red light. The driver in the car next to me (who I didn’t recognize) said “Hi, Bob… did you enjoy the fireworks?”

Friedman is right. No more running red lights, kicking puppies, or buying Ben and Jerry’s after midnight for me….


2 thoughts on ““It’s a small town, after all…””

  1. Don’t worry, Bob. If you still need a late night Ben&Jerry fix, I can hook you up. I will take that bullet for you.

  2. It is “Snicker Icecream Bars for me. But God is always watching. And my body is not as forgiving as it used to be.

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