1 part blog, 1 part monthly columnist…

No item is too small when I’m reading the blog of a good friend. Everything they post is interesting.

But from everyone else, I don’t want the details. Just the rare, fantastic, inspiring, thought-provoking, post. And then I might want some context. If I ask.

Christina Wodtke is on to something. (Thanks, Derek!).

I want editors back. Not the “I only have 32 pages available and we have a 6 month story-plan for upcoming issues” editors. Web magazine editors who edit and post the best stuff as it arrives, with links back to the author’s blog home where I can find out how many cats they have and what they did on their birthday and that their car door got keyed last night.

Like the carnivals, only more organized, more centralized, and better edited.


One thought on “1 part blog, 1 part monthly columnist…”

  1. Bob,
    Your liking the brief synopsis first leads me to a suggestion: Why not have Logos load quickly and instantly to the “Study Passage” with all the other tools, menus, and buttons greyed out while they continue to load in the background.
    That way a person could instantly turn to a Bible verse from almost the first instant of turning on the notebook computer. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the whole program, especially the Greek. I’m thrilled at the new work you accomplished in the reverse ESV and the syntax labeling from 2 sources. And in “Passage Guide” I almost always ask for all commentaries. Not to mention search entire library. I’ve been to Morris Proctor’s camp twice (Logos 2 and Logos X). I own about 1300 resources, my wife says I’m an addict for scholarly reading material especially if it comes in Logos format.
    Thank you for your continued leadership in Bible study tools. Fred

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