Apple, save us with your iPhone

I watched the iPhone demo at


The iPhone is so well designed that it makes me angry that the other tools I use every day are so annoying.

And then I remember that my own product isn’t that well designed (yet), and that doing good design is very hard, and very expensive, and that I shouldn’t throw stones inside my glass house, etc., etc.

And the iPhone is not perfect. My Windows-based cell phone syncs my contacts, calendar, and email all day long, live over the cell network. I’ve never even hooked it up to my computer. The iPhone does email, but apparently needs to be “wired up” to sync other data. So there.

Microsoft gets some things right. But how can they do such a bad job on the simple stuff? Why is it so hard to lock the phone? Why are the onscreen keypad buttons smaller than my fingers?

I’m hoping Apple saves us all. Even if we don’t all get iPhones, it’s so incredibly good that Microsoft and others will be compelled to improve. After tomorrow, who would dare ship another mediocre smartphone interface?

(Don’t answer that.)


One thought on “Apple, save us with your iPhone”

  1. I just can’t believe how horrible the craftsmenship is by Microsoft Engineers….cheap plastic (i.e., Zune), while Apple always puts forward quality material. There is nothing like holding an Apple Mouse (the glass-like kind)….Onto the iPhone – beautiful interface and product. Please, Microsoft hear our prayer! By the way…Logos is an outstanding product and has come a long way. Your recent version with the Reverse Interlinear finally eclipsed Bibleworks…No longer can it be said, “use Bibleworks for language stuff and Logos for everything else.” Since 3.0, I rarely, if ever, utilize Bibleworks. God’s blessings for the future of Logos!

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