Mansion shopping

I was talking with a friend about our crazy real estate prices and what comparative bargains must be available in older cities. “Like in Detroit,” I said.

A quick web search shows that houses (a technical definition) in Detroit start at under $1,000. But there are derelict houses everywhere. What does real money buy in a place that’s lost a million people since its peak?

Well, less than a million buys a mansion. A real mansion, with nearly 12,000 square feet on half a city block, nine bedrooms and murals on the ceilings.

Those slightly larger spec homes with granite counters that go for a million around here don’t quite have the same feel…but they’re probably cheaper to heat.

What $975,000 buys:

Detroit, in-town:

Bellingham, in-town:


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  1. What good is a house when there’s no good jobs left in the city and the city’s full of crime?

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