On Mother’s Day

3,000 year old advice on honoring your mother, from The Instruction of Any, written in the Egyptian Eighteenth Dynasty: Double the food your mother gave you, Support her as she supported you; She had a heavy load in you, But she did not...
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Bob Pritchett
Author, Speaker, CEO

Students need to fail

Are you failing enough? School is a place that trains you to give the right answer, and where failure is punished. Are you trying to do things that have never been done? Are you seeking answers no one knows already? Risk failure to find...
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A series on the Faithlife core values: Honesty. Openness. Awesomeness. Growth. Initiative. Elegance. Shipping. We spend a lot of years preparing to be ‘all grown-up.’ Childhood is focused on learning and growth and experiences in...
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Ask for improvements, not feedback

Your work can be better. Mine can be, too. I want to be intentional about excellence. I want our team to decide that we are going to value excellent work and pursue excellence in our own output. And here's the tool to make it happen: Improve the...
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A series on the Faithlife core values: Honesty. Openness. Awesomeness. Growth. Initiative. Elegance. Shipping. It doesn't matter how great something is if no one is using it. We get paid when we deliver value to our customers. At the start,...
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Without objection

"Without objection, I will ship the alpha Tuesday at 10 am." "Without objection, this ad will go live on the front page at end of workday." The most powerful phrase for shipping a product, a web page, or an idea is "without objection". We are all...
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