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I enjoy speaking on business as well as specifically about digital publishing and the future of e-books.

Most of my business talks build on themes in Fire Someone Today; they are full of straight talk on the tough business truths that entrepreneurs and managers sometimes avoid.

When I speak to industry conferences about digital publishing, I emphasize maintaining pricing power and embracing network effects.

If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, large or small, call +1 360-527-1700 or email me.


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“Bob’s talk was the most valuable talk at the conference this year. Actual demonstration of economic theory in a working company monetization model. Fact driven & relevant.”
– Scott Richey 
“My favorite presentation of the conference was from Bob Pritchett of Logos Bible Software...”
– Mark Coker, on Huffington Post
“Bob’s book is like a year’s worth of lunches with someone who has been way down the road and taken a lot of lumps–who can now help you avoid repeating his mistakes. And you only have to buy once.”
– Guy Kawasaki

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