Students need to fail

Are you failing enough? School is a place that trains you to give the right answer, and where failure is punished. Are you trying to do things that have never been done? Are you seeking answers no one knows already? Risk failure to find the success that follows.


2 thoughts on “Students need to fail”

  1. Failure is subjective, I think. Are you failing enough? I think that is subjective also. Are you young and inexperienced or are you old and just do the same things over and over expecting different results? The older I get the less I fail. You see, when I was young I was judged by someone else’s paradigm. Now that I’m older I’m not so interested in meeting someone else’s standard. If you fail, and that means fail at all, you need to asses why you failed. You might not have failed at all, you may only be limiting/restricting the possibilities. I think the failure of this country has been, secular or spiritually, in not learning how to think. Society is only interested in making clones. Seminaries stamp out clone professors each year. We have failed in not teaching HOW to learn and we are baffled as to why we have to continually give people fish to eat each week! Go figure.

  2. Interestingly seeing the students of old,Archimedes,Pythagoras,Euclid…acquired information,not only to give the right answer,they acquired information to see situations better,and proffer solutions to such situations.As we pour out creativity on paper in exams,it will be great to see creativity pour out on ground,as we proffer solutions to existing sitautions,dealing with failure,as we are beneficiaries of success.

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