June 5, 2009

We could have had an F-8

My grandfather worked for the Campbell Soup Company from 1946-1978. There were always lots of Campbell’s products around, and I drank a lot of V8.

Alas, I never got to try F-8, V-8’s fruity friend, and one of the projects my grandfather worked on. “This deliciously distinctive fruit drink is a blend of: water, sugar, naranjilla and cocona juices, concentrates of pineapple, apricot, apple, lemon and lime, banana puree, citric acid, guar gum and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).”

I don’t know if F-8 even made it to shelves, or how long it lived; I do know the concept lives on in V8 Splash and V8 V-Fusion.

An F-8 label was tacked to the boathouse ceiling at my grandparents’ summer home, and I always wanted one. My mother has the last one we could find, and I scanned it in so I could share it with other family members. And you.

F-8 Blended Fruit Drink


  1. Michael DiMarco :

    Personally, I find F5 more refreshing…

  2. Ralph Lovuolo :

    did your granfather grow up in westmont nj? did he attend bishop eustace HS in pennsauken nj? we are having a 50th class reunion and trying to find him. please contact me at above address or 561 509 8425. thank you.

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