December 29, 2008

Read for Cash

Every year I run a “Read for Cash” program to encourage employees to read about business. Employees choose a book from a huge pile in the conference room, read it, then email a short review to the whole company. We pay 15 cents a page, up to $175.

The program lasts 5-6 weeks, and every day new book reports arrive. I read them all, and they are fantastic. Many employees report enjoying books they otherwise would never have picked up, we get multiple perspectives on new books and ideas, and the whole company spends a month thinking and reading about how to improve our business.

The best part? When the reading inspires a sharp insight on one part of our business from someone who works in a completely different area.

(I previously posted other details on the program.)


  1. This is a really interesting idea – how many of your employees end up participating?

  2. What do you do with the reviews? Post them online as articles?

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